2019-05-08 09.53.51I enjoy working with people who have shown promise, or who have had a lot of success, but whose lives have somehow collapsed, or are in danger of doing so. From young people who have dropped out of school or university to established business people, artists and musicians, I have helped often very successful and well-known individuals realise or reconfirm their potential.

Equally, I can help people who do not know what life has to offer them, or who feel as if life always counts against them, find a desirable place in the world. This is a process that can start at any age.

For many years I worked as clinical manager at Charter, one of London’s most remarkable and inventive private clinics, which specialised in treating people with different kinds of compulsive behaviour: things like alcohol and drug addiction, eating disorders, sexual compulsion, self-harm and gambling. Before that I worked with people often described and discounted  as ‘psychotic’ or ‘borderline’.

I am trained and supervised as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist and an EMDR therapist; I am most interested in finding, with my client, a way of working that is right for them. I recognise that from the very start of therapy people still need to function in their everyday lives and, to this end, I have established a network of trusted, independently minded, experienced individuals and groups, including psychiatrists, specialist counsellors, nutritionists, body therapists, tutors and trainers, able to provide clients with all that they might need to complement the psychotherapy with me.