The Voice of Reason

Beware people who appoint themselves as the voice of reason. Reason can be a defence against life as it happens which leads to us not noticing what’s actually going on, whatever the reason for it. It’s easy to get caught up in trying to work out what, perhaps, a course of action means without even touching on what it does, what its effects are and how it leaves people feeling. Why would someone want to be the voice of reason? Perhaps it means they don’t have to attend to their feelings and the conflicted thoughts that can arise out of them. When you meet someone look for the sparkle of life, even if it sparkles darkly. This very rarely has anything to do with being reasonable. It means you are likely to have a fully functioning, empathic human being on your hands – somebody who isn’t scared of knowing because he or she realises there’s a lot of life which is unknowable: and this might be somebody you can come to trust.

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