Frank O’Hara and the Path to Happiness


I enjoy listening to recordings of Frank O’Hara. Like Vic Reeves he helps me be happy. In some of his poems there’s as much intensity as I can possibly hold onto, as much as you could get into over lunch without getting stupid. They never get stupid, although they almost do.
        What do you mean, Tom? That’s what he does, he makes me ask myself what do I mean? What am I doing? He gets me wondering who I am, no bother at all. Lana Turner Has Collapsed or Having a Coke with You, although I don’t drink Coke any more, he loosens me up and reminds me how to be serious and not stop being foolish, because if you cut out foolishness you become boring, and if you stop being serious you become a real a fool.
        Jim Moir, Vic Reeves, was asking the other day why so many comedians try to be clever. I’d rather listen to a clever person playing the fool. Slavoj Zizek’s pretty clever and seems to enjoy being a bit of a fool.  Isn’t he a Lacanian, or is he a comedian? If only Lacan had had the intelligence of Vic Reeves or the crazy intensity of Frank O’Hara. Vic Reeves often plays a fool but is somehow rarely stupid. Where does all of this get me? I dont know. Try this and this and see where it gets you. I feel happy. Thanks Frank and Jim (Vic).

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