Funny Thoughts

What do I find funny? Vic Reeves, not Stewart Lee. Jennifer Saunders, not Miranda Hart. I like comedians who aren’t afraid of looking stupid and who don’t look stupid. I’m not fond of clever comedians because they are rarely clever enough to make me either laugh or think (Stewart Lee, Stephen Fry) and I don’t much like irony. I like dry wit or straightforward foolishness, both of which rely on timing and things musicians also know about … something to do with harmony, dissonance and repetition. This isn’t at all a funny post: it’s rather serious. Why am I writing it? That’s something to do with something else I find funny, I imagine … the thought that somehow my mentioning these things in public will make any difference to the world at all, and perhaps lead to there being less Lee and more Reeves, possibly; some kind of butterfly effect beginning on a sofa in Canterbury on a Saturday morning (I wondered what those butterfly lights we bought a few weeks ago would lead to) and ending in another series of House of Fools. l love stupid fantasies played out boldly (Harry Worth). This may be related to me deciding to get a Twitter account, or it might be because Stephen Fry doesn’t have one any more.
     Can I find a point to this ramble? Maybe. Get a good idea of what you like and you can have more of it. Don’t think about what you like and your life will become saturated with mediocrity and irritating nuggets of almost-but-not-quites: from the kind of mug you buy for your coffee to the person you lie in bed at night with.
     Cultivate your curiosity and do all you can to discover what makes you tick. Exercise your judgement and work out how that’s different from being judgemental.
     Here are those lights:

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