Addiction, method

Over the last few days I’ve heard several different accounts of how to work with addiction, from the ones reluctant to talk about addiction as something in itself (psychoanalytic, the one I was trained in) to those so specifically about addiction you’d think they were talking about a chemical (coincidentally). All and none work. As Freud remarked, intellectual awareness never changed anybody  … and in all the books, pamphlets, youtube clips and Ted talks there’s no more truer truth than that. Whatever your thoughts it’s the way you bring them to bear that matters.  I have reduced everything you need to know down to one simple step.

STEP 1 (and only) Don’t try it on your own.

I’m not sure what happens after this step, but nor is anyone else. If you look at step one-and-only really closely you’ll notice a number of things. First of all it’s a negative statement, which isn’t ideal. I could have said: do this with someone else, or try it with friends, or something like that; but I think I would have missed the point. There are many ways to do it, just one to not do it: on your own. This leads us to the ‘it’. What is it? You tell me. Tell me what ‘it’ is and we’ll have something on the go, you and I, if it’s me you’re talking to – and if not you’ll have someone else there. How can you work out what ‘it’ is? Look for an explorer, not an expert to talk to. You don’t need facts, you want to go on an adventure.

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