Fantasy Island II / Brexit

I’ve listened to people justifying voting to leave, and all I’ve heard are fantasies, curious projections and strange assertions of calm.
        A socialist politician renowned for her work with refugees was shot dead last week by a far-right fanatic. The markets are falling, and many people I know are scared because they see a man like Nigel Farage (who wants to relax gun control, who last week stood in front of a poster even people in his own campaign team criticised for its fascist associations) getting air time on TV. Whatever people on the right imagine when they see Jeremy Corbyn on TV I doubt it comes  with a soundtrack of distant jackboots marching. Although I have to say that even some people I thought I knew well seem deaf to that.
        I don’t feel calm.
        Would I leave my children for five minutes with Johnson, Gove or Farage? No. Voting to leave means you have, and for the foreseeable future. Your children’s future in their hands and if not our lives, then the lives of whoever become scapegoats now Europe’s out of the way, in the balance.

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