How Do I Say Anything At All?

Some of the most important things seem to happen between things that are said, in the silences when people hold back and don’t continue the conversation. I was talking to someone today about this but the conversation was cut short. I wonder what will happen next time we speak to each other as I didn’t call her back. I think about:

  • someone I don’t want to talk to as he seems so out of control.
  • the LRB. Nothing worth saying about that. Hugely boring issue.
  • a problem looking for someone to do something important and realising a possible lead, but not getting someone’s email address. So the idea stalls.
  • how tired I am. Too tired to say anything.
  • that I am 50 next week. Nothing to report on that.
  • October, when darkening happens.
  • the heat going. I love the heat.
  • Bed.

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