Therapy as Machine

I think people would be surprised how often psychotherapy acts as a machine to serve people up, back to the world, as apparently less-troubled participants in the social scene they previously inhabited. Good psychotherapy will no doubt make life harder for you before it ever makes it easier. It won’t necessarily make you more productive or happier. If you’re lucky it might make these things more likely to happen, if it shows you how conflicted your life has become, and helps you understand how you’ve bound yourself into life unhappily – but there’s a lot that needs to go on which is beyond understanding.


These cases of sexual harassment and assault. Of course it isn’t just politics. Academics sleep with their students. Priests sleep with the people they are supposed to be protecting. Theatre directors ‘father’ or fuck actresses.

Anywhere that power plays out, and I suppose that’s anywhere, men protect other men, whatever their sexuality. Often that, the protecting, is far from conscious – even when the behaviour is absolutely clear.

Misogyny discriminates against women, and men tend to stick together; even the ones who believe they are different. It isn’t only about who a man believes he is choosing to be. Ideology interpolates and you answer without knowing so. If you believe you are always transparent to yourself, think again.

There are exceptions, but if you believe you know an exception, look at his life and see what’s ever really changed.