Creepy Rationalism: The New Sophists

The creepy rationalism of many psychotherapists, or therapists as they often call themselves, continues to disturb me.  They’re like newsreaders: a strange sense of authority (absurd in any other context) that sounds so rational. What they are saying is usually built on a very thin but compelling layer of understanding, like someone who’s been to the moon and can describe what the earth looks like from the stars … but I wouldn’t trust an astronaut to tell me about life on earth. These New Sophists may sound rational, but endowing someone with reason will have more to do with how I listen than the presence of any intrinsic good sense.

Rational means endowed with reason. Logical means reasoning correctly. We can argue over what’s correct, but there’s no arguing with sophistry. Sophistry’s a drug that demands withdrawal and one of the best ways to do that is to listen for logic and then ask questions.


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  1. Hi Tom
    You’ve put into words what I sense too. Some people write publicly with such apparent certainty, making uneasy reading. It’s almost as though there could be no other explanation for the topic under discussion.
    Where is the space for an individual’s inner sense of the nuances of understanding?
    Where is the space for uncertainty?
    Uncertainty is an important aspect of understanding. for only through uncertainty can we explore all the aspects, and come back to what really feels right (in all senses of the word).

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