Lost in Brexit: Denial and Austerity

fullsizeoutput_a1aLost in Brexit: Denial and Austerity

I’ve listened to this government and the previous one repeatedly block, obfuscate and deny its way through one session of parliament after the next. If there is a problem with austerity it appears that this is only because the questioner or interviewer is misinformed, unaware of some statistic relating to another matter which occasionally sounds relevant but rarely ever is, or attacking ‘ordinary’ people. John Crace’s ‘Maybot‘ joke is so sinister because it is so mind-bogglingly true. She’s the prime minister!

Denial is so absorbing. A capacity to deny the truth expands in relation to a capacity to swallow it … and if I swallow the truth it becomes poisonous, as if it wants to eat its way out of me.

People with addiction problems rely on drink, drugs, food, exercise, work, money, sex, love, shopping, whatever they can find, to shore up their denial and avoid being accountable for what they have done, or think they have done. This government has become lost in Brexit so it, we, whoever, will forget about austerity. As the Brexit disaster plays out austerity re-enters conversations. Funny that.

It’s about lack of character. I can think of governments with less talented members. But this lot? Nobody will remember a member of the cabinet apart from, perhaps, Michael Gove, who becomes more memorable every day as he struggles with his conscience to square the lies he inflicted on us with their consequences.

If the government had more character – more characters in it – there would be less denial because there’d be more ego around … and ego does not like to look like a twit. This lot don’t care how stupid they look or sound. Their careers are bound up in Twitter.

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