Brexit / Language

Brexit / Language

Language isn’t the problem, it’s the lack of the rule of law made possible by what appears to be a new law: liars will not be prosecuted.

Refuse the family game

Refuse the Family Game

I would like my own exercise in witnessing to be taken as an admittedly exalted collaboration with the children who refuse the family game imposed on them, children who insist, in their play, on the foreignness of that game and on their determination to remain orphans.

Bersani, Leo. Thoughts and Things (p. 14). University of Chicago Press.

Red Tape

Red Tape

/ because the way they are behaving, and even more so their advisers, this is what we should expect if their dreams of removing ‘red-tape’ are ever realised /

The best kinds of group

The Best Kinds of Group

The best kinds of group are ones where people who don’t get on have, out of necessity, to find a way of getting on. If they do, when they do, the results can be extraordinary.

Fragmentation worries me. Political parties splintering. Factions forming. Where’s the force to come together, and why would anyone bother to? For some people it is very easy to speak out differently.  Others are easily and cruelly exposed as different. And with this going on, many people are left unable to have their voices heard at all.

Freedom is not a right. I wish it were. Freedom will always be contested.


These cases of sexual harassment and assault. Of course it isn’t just politics. Academics sleep with their students. Priests sleep with the people they are supposed to be protecting. Theatre directors ‘father’ or fuck actresses.

Anywhere that power plays out, and I suppose that’s anywhere, men protect other men, whatever their sexuality. Often that, the protecting, is far from conscious – even when the behaviour is absolutely clear.

Misogyny discriminates against women, and men tend to stick together; even the ones who believe they are different. It isn’t only about who a man believes he is choosing to be. Ideology interpolates and you answer without knowing so. If you believe you are always transparent to yourself, think again.

There are exceptions, but if you believe you know an exception, look at his life and see what’s ever really changed.


So the story runs that one week the Whitehouse is being investigated for links to Russia that undermine its national security, and the next the president who was being accused, who has instigated a course of action that seems to lead him into direct conflict with Russia, says that relations with Russia are at an all-time low. Is this really possible? It may be, but asking how might be illuminating.