Psychotherapy in Central London

I offer specialist psychotherapy in Central London at the clinic I manage: Charter. If you’d like to discuss working with me or one of our clinical team please contact me for further details. I approach things psychoanalytically, but rarely so you’d notice. I’m particularly interested in working with people who feel their life has been compromised by the effects of trauma or addiction. I have substantial experience of treating eating disorders and debilitating relational conditions such as codependence, sex and love addiction or ‘borderline’ personality disorder.

Although the main part of my psychotherapy practice is in central LondonĀ  I also offer some consultations in Canterbury, Kent.

In the first instance please use the contact form on this web site, so that a private and confidential consultation can be arranged. Deciding to have psychotherapy in Central London presents you with many opportunities to engage in allied practices, such as yoga, acupuncture and meditation, all of which I am able to guide you towards based on the network of therapists I have worked with over many years.

I also offer couples’ therapy and family therapy in conjunction with an experienced clinical team.

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